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Two Tremendous Terms:
Monthly Political Chronicle 2008-2016
By Barry Fletcher
A unique presidency deserves a unique historical recounting...

In his political publishing debut, author and entrepreneur Barry Fletcher chronicles in rhyme the ambitions, struggles and soaring achievements of the Obama administration; from its hopeful January 2009 inauguration and the historic passing of the Affordable Care Act, to its hard-fought 2012 second term and triumphant 2016 conclusion.


President Barack Obama's Two Tremendous Terms: Monthly Political Chronicle 2008-2016 showcases 95 poems that combine the factual accuracy of news reportage with the soulful rhyming sensibilities of old school R&B and hip hop.


With a compelling mix of poetry, historical facts and no-nonsense layman perspective, President Barack Obama’s Two Tremendous Terms is one of the most unique books on the Obama years, a work that evinces the tremendous pride and affection many Americans still feel for the 44th president of the United States.

Softcover/8.5 x 11


The most unique book on Obama yet!  Soulful rhyming sensibilities of funk and hip hop.  In this second printing, Fletcher has penned a compelling new foreword while adding newsy, contextual preludes to each poetic entry.  Fletcher's singular tome will appeal to everyone from students and educators, to seniors and Obama admirers of all stripes.


About This Book

President Obama moved America FORWARD; hence, the conventional title foreword has been replaced. Now, onward.


I write this introduction with a troubled heart. Our current president – a corrupt egomaniac named Donald Trump – wants to erase the magnificent legacy of America‘s first African-American president, Barack Obama. With the full confidence of his bigoted supporters, Trump is trying to repeal landmark Obama legislation, including Obamacare, countless consumer protection policies, climate change agreements, foreign peace treaties, and much more. Not only do these repeals illustrate Trump‘s contempt for Obama, they show a callous disregard for the health and well-being of Trump’s own constituents. The American political pendulum has swung from the compassion, hope and change of Barack Obama to the destructive ―casual cruelty of Donald J. Trump.

The book you‘re holding represents my effort to honor Obama‘s legacy; to make sure that his accomplishments are forever remembered. My biggest hope is that readers will learn about Obama‘s many trials, tribulations and accomplishments and be inspired to lead the sort moral, politically active life Obama himself has led. Maybe a mother will read this book and prime her sons and/or daughters to run for office. I may not be able to spare Obama‘s legislation and policies from Donald Trump‘s wrecking ball, but at least I‘ll know I did something to support America‘s first Black president.


Obama‘s presidency was not easy, as anyone who lived through it will tell you. In the immediate aftermath of his 2008 election, pundits speculated about a new ―post-racial‖ America where Whites finally accepted and embraced Blacks as equals. Just as Martin Luther King, Jr. imagined in his historic 1963 ―I Have A Dream‖ speech, Obama‘s ascension to the presidency made it appear as if the day had finally arrived where Blacks and other Americans of color were not ―judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character." Hallelujah!


Turns out it was all just wishful thinking. Immediately after his 2009 inauguration, Obama faced historic obstruction from a Republican opposition bent on destroying our new Black president. Some conservatives were so upset by the thought of a Black man sitting in the Oval Office that they organized a political lynch mob called the ―Tea Party‖ to stop him. For decades, Republicans had won elections by employing the ―Southern Strategy,‖ a campaign device in which GOP politicians appeal to the worst racial fears and biases of White voters. But as America became increasingly diverse, these racists went underground, concealing their bigotry. Obama‘s presidency brought the vermin out of the woodwork, proving that old-style, toxic racism was alive and well in the hearts of many Americans.


The rise of this retrograde intolerance hurt me to my soul. I couldn't help but think of my mother, the late Florence Audrey Fletcher. Born in 1929, my mom lived much of her life as a sharecropper in Jim Crow-era Maryland. I remember the horror I felt one hot summer day when she accidently impaled her hand while spearing bundles of tobacco. Sharecropping was exhausting, dangerous, even humiliating work. But for some Black Americans, it was the only ―gainful employment‖ to be found those days. With Obama‘s election, I finally felt that African Americans like myself could in earnest bid good riddance to our indentured past. I‘m so grateful that my mother lived long enough to see a Black man become President of the United States. Not just any Black man, but one as truly exceptional as America itself – Barack Hussein Obama. I‘m so glad she lived to see this nation begin to live up to its touted ideals of liberty, justice and equality for all.


To me, Obama is a Christ-like historical figure. That might sound like blasphemy to some, but that‘s just the way I see it. Like Jesus, Obama was willing to sacrifice his life for the betterment of the world (indeed, Obama risked assassination by mere virtue of daring to become the first Black president of a virulently racist nation). Just as the Bible documents how Christ healed the blind, deaf and mute, so did Obama provide healthcare for millions of uninsured Americans. Just as Jesus drove the money changers from the temple in Jerusalem, Obama did his best to constrain the banksters who had brought the world to the precipice of economic collapse. And, much like the man from Galilee, Obama was so virtuous and scandal-free that his Republican opponents couldn‘t pin anything on him. His stainlessness was a rebuke to every conservative raised on the stereotype of the lusty, greedy, morally bankrupt Black man.


In the process of restoring America, Obama gave me pride and renewed purpose. He made me want to be accountable, to prove myself. He inspired me the same way the old Baptist preachers did when I was growing up. How could I not document the accomplishments of this poised, principled Black American leader?


Hence this book. I hope ―President Barack Obama‘s Two Tremendous Terms‖ prompts every reader to stand up and be counted. The time has come for us to rebuff the divide-and-conquer politics of Donald Trump and the Republican Party. We need to return to the saner, kinder, more hopeful leadership symbolized by Barack Obama. Because even though he‘s no longer in office, the 44th President of the United States still represents the best in American executive leadership. And being the best is something we all should aspire to.

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